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The 7 Wyrths of All Ages: A Celestial Prophecy - Awaken With Wild Spirit's Infinite Guides

The Seven Sacred Objects of All Ages are a septette of key mystical objects which interweave and permeate the core of all things. As you learn to explore these wonders you will discover, with their revelation, that they embody the fundamental core of all that is.
Now The Seven Sacred Objects of All Ages takes you on a journey to explore how this sacred power can transcend your life, offering a rich blend of deep ecology, Earth ritual and magical reality.
Learn the wonder and significance behind each of the wyrth's stories, beginning with the specific and crucial uniqueness of their individual values. From this understanding of each specific piece you will ultimately come to appreciate the importance of the seven wyrths, not as separate entities, but as a magnificent collection.
Take the first steps on your own magical path with The Seven Sacred Objects of All Ages and witness for yourself how the wyrths capture the core aspects of the metaphysical towards your personal enchantment, aiding you in gaining unfathomable benefit and mystic power.

Writer of the Freaky, Crazed, Wicked, REVOLTING n' Ridiculously Superficial lil' title ~ The 7 Wyrths of All Ages